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    About AMM

    Musculoskeletal medicine embodies all medical disciplines that deal with the diagnosis of acute and chronic conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system in adults and children, including the psychosocial impact of these conditions. Musculoskeletal conditions may result from a wide range of processes including injury, inflammation, infection or metabolic conditions and the normal aging process.

    Peertechz's Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine is an international, interdisciplinary journal aimed at publishing up-to-date contributions on clinical and basic research in the musculoskeletal system. The Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine serves as a forum for authors, doctors, scientists and clinicians to share their ideas and the results of their studies related to musculoskeletal medicine. The Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine also provides professional links between medical practitioners and allied health disciplines such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, osteopathy, and chiropractic and exercise physiology.

    Why Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine?

    Studies conducted during the past decade have shown that with longevity, the prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions in the population is increasing and will continue to increase over time. An increase in the prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions will have a profound impact on society. A growing number of individuals will be afflicted with chronic pain, experiencing a decrease in the quality of their lives. The cost of treatment and the inability to remain employed full time will have a significant financial impact as well. It appears that practicing physicians do not appreciate fully the importance of common musculoskeletal conditions. As a result, patients who are afflicted with one of those conditions often receive inadequate treatment.

    To assist medical professionals in their efforts to improve how they treat musculoskeletal conditions, Peertechz took initiative in the form of Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine which seeks to publish manuscripts that develops learning objectives on musculoskeletal conditions and suggest ways in which appropriate learning experiences might be integrated into an incorporation of different aspects of orthopedics, rheumatology, rehabilitation medicine and pain medicine.

    Advantages of Peertechz's Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine

    1. Peertechz provides a rapid turn-around time possible for reviewing and publishing and to disseminate the articles freely for research, teaching and reference purposes. We also aim to provide high quality, meticulously reviewed and rapid publication, to cater the insistent need of scientific community interested in musculoskeletal Research.
    2. The Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine is freely available on the public internet domain, allowing any end users to read, download, copy, distribute, and link to the full texts of the articles.
    3. Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine publishes the most exciting researches with respect to the subjects of musculoskeletal medicine and research.
    4. The Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine will release special issues edited by existing and guest editors.
    5. All publications are promoted via social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Face book etc. The scholarly Journal is rapidly available, and easy to get worldwide through internet for development of this field.
    6. All articles of Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine are published under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International License. This permits anyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work provided the original work and source is appropriately cited.
    7. The editors and peer reviewers of Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine are requested to promote judgment based on scientific and technical validity of the work with useful feedback.
    8. Peertechz's Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine provides an immense opportunity for scientists to publish their work as original articles, review articles, case reports and short communication.
    9. The Annals of Musculoskeletal Medicine uses Online System for quality in the review process.